Strange Sense of Humor

by The "J" is for Jack

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Too long in the making.


released February 2, 2016

Guitars, bass, keyboards, pocket sax, vocals, drum programming, sequencing, production, mixing, mastering by Jack Pfiester.

All songs written by Jack Pfiester.

Cover photo taken by Will Foley.




The "J" is for Jack Navarre, Florida

Hi, my name is Jack. That's what the "J" is for.

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Track Name: Unreliable Narrator
I cannot believe that this dream isn't real
I find it hard to stand up on this uneven keel
Just another crush left for dead; so it goes
It's been awhile since I left my chest so exposed
I swear I was excited though I had nothing much to show

It's now that I know
It's over before it's begun


I hoped you'd find it funny but we're only flesh and bone
'Don't take much to convince me that I'll always be alone
I need a place where I can hang my head up on the wall
Display my fragility and then destroy it all
I'd be a fool if I said there's nowhere else for me to go

What am I waiting for?
It's over before it's begun

I'm trying to make some changes, I've been talking to myself
Having lengthy conversations on sore subjects like his health
He says that he agrees but see i think it's something else

Or maybe I'm just bored
It's over before it's begun
Track Name: All Dogs
I've made a few friends over the course of my days
I've noticed the best tend to live on four legs
You could kick 'em and they'll come runnin' back
but tell me, who's the beast if it comes to that?
They're there when you need 'em
Better love 'em while they're here
'Cuz we're lucky if they live to see sixteen

Some say man is known by the company he keeps
and we'll all have our day... so I'd like to believe
If we keep digging ourselves a hole to muster up our past
we're only reaching for an itch that just can't be scratched

Draggin' our asses, we're a lot alike
You piss on three feet while I piss into the breeze
You're never one to bite the hand
Which reminds me...

I guess I should feed ya
'cuz I'm gonna need ya
When the world lets me down
I can trust my hound

Apparently there's been a bit of contention
On whether or not good dogs go to heaven
If it exists at all, I don't understand
'cuz they'd sure as hell deserve it more than man

So it bears repeating
Better love 'em while they're here
'cuz we're lucky if they live to see sixteen
Track Name: Enjoy The Ride
It's alright
if someone else's celebration doesn't make much sense
I wonder if you would,
if given the chance,
welcome something alien
or would ignorance just eat you up alive?

Give it time
A collision of worlds is certain put your grace to the test
Would you make good
with what you don't understand?
If everything you believed turned upside down?
Not so sacred now

Well, if wisdom and belief are to collide...
All riot on the western/eastern front
Collapse the light
Enjoy the ride

Roll out the red carpet of your mind to the "waste" of space
(so lost, so cut off, so alone)
Speak math if ever your poetry can't
reciprocate the message you've broken down
The only thing that makes this bearable

Benevolent parable
Track Name: Needles
Low on provisions
Everything's dry
Journeying the landscape in an altered state of mind
Panning my periph to surveil my surroundings
Not a single sign of life just the machines flashing past me
At the mercy of the elements and perhaps a perfect stranger
solicited samaritans nowadays are quite endangered
The sun is due to set soon
I experienced eternity in a quarter of an hour or so I seemed to

At a time like this I need a selfish plan
And what better place than here to assist a man?
But what have I done to deserve a helping hand?
Seeking kindness once again
Tipping karma's scale against me
How do I dare?

Summoned by a thumb
a car slows to a stall
The least likely of samaritans
saw the gesture and took the call
Enveloped by violet
We seem to race the night
Two thousand miles from where I left and hundreds more to drive
In each other we trust
So much to discuss
How opportune to spill our guts and take our cut...
Eye for and eye and for a favor
How do we know our good deeds will not be punished?
Track Name: It Feels Good to Feel Good
It feels good to feel good
It feels good to feel good

Eat your veggies
Sip on kombucha
Read a good book
Work out more often
Meditate and don't sweat the small stuff
Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
Track Name: Gaming The System
What will it take to get through to you?
Shall I beg for some change or demand it?
The silence is loud in this crowded room
Watch them emptily waiting for cues to act excited

Take a stand and stamp out this ruse

Signs that you wave, toss them away
Hear me out nobody needs 'em
You're better off without 'em
Dishonesty can't be forgiven of somebody clearly just gaming the system
I guess trust is a concept you can't rely on

Take a stand and stamp out this ruse

Sweeping statements arouse the mob
Resonating with minds that are small
Boosting morale of this infantry
Arresting the development of our sisters and of our brothers
Playing the long-con and pitting us all against one another

Take a stand and stamp out this ruse
Track Name: Sixes & Sevens
Cut it up and rearrange it
until you begin to see something worth seeing
Obey the signs at your discretion
Pay no mind to misdirection
There's no such thing
How can you be lost when you live on a whim?
It's like a dream you don't wanna wake from
when you can't bring yourself to take on the rat-race that is run

Heading off on a road to somewhere
Thoughts so far from home
Make the story up as you go now
For now there's not much more to know

When you are ready you will find this secret that's hiding
Better brace yourself

Wind the man up and watch him go
and then mark the miles until he makes it home
Is there a science to making sense of this?
If there is he's gonna find it if not he is gonna try anyway
The journey pays in spades
Regardless of the route he takes
Aspiring to know it all
An exile that will never stall

Heading off on a road to somewhere
Thoughts so far from home
Make the story up as you go now
For now there's not much more to know

When you are ready you will find this secret that's hiding
Better brace yourself

At sixes and sevens you're reminded
There's a meaning behind it
Time to trace your steps
Track Name: VHS
If I said to you tomorrow
"I've forgotten yesterday"
Would we rush to save this moment?
A moving picture to replay?
Something to hold onto
To freeze how it feels
to share your time and space

If I had known you'd never have the chance
to answer all the questions I would have
I would have made sure that I let the tape roll on your face
Now I'm left to put words in your mouth everyday

My memory it only fades with age
And the only home video's been misplaced...